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Mirai Mirror, Found on All:
The Proliferation, Influence and Agency of IoT.

Abstract — There is a marked rapid growth of consumption and expenditure on the Internet of Things devices on a global scale. By 2027, the number of connected devices has been forecasted to quintuple the world population. Technology allows us to inscribe our practices. It is a reflection of who we are, what we are as people and as a society, how we view the world, and what we want to become. As it becomes smarter, it changes these definitions for us. This paper explores the proliferation of IoT devices, with a special focus on health devices, and the quantified self. It also examines the influences of IoT on the self, human-human and human-nonhuman relations, and within societies that we create. Lastly, it critiques the current and potential agency of IoT devices that are embedded within our lives.

Key terms — internet of things, control, materiality, quantified self, hypermateriality, consumption, agency

Iron Fists to Enduring Mist

Abstract — This paper explores the transition of the exercise of power, from one that is a brutal and unfocused physical punishment, to a less painful, but more intrusive psychological method as described by Michel Foucault in Discipline and Punishment (1975). This critical analysis examines how this latter form of punishment has invaded many aspects of life as we know it, resulting in a ‘carceral archipelago’. From here, the next transition is to ‘societies of control’ as described by Gilles Deleuze and Byung-Chul Han. This transition is fuelled by positivity, information, self-exploitation, and transparency. In this society, there is a loss of the other and the sublime, a loss of freedom, and a move from enclosures and discipline, to control that is decentralised, and by seductively controlling the mind. The exercise of power moved to a society ruled by an iron fist to one of modulation that is all-encompassing — a mist. Also explored are the interesting means of escape that are often sought, sometimes ironically, in the form of a retreat to an enclosure.

Key terms — control, transparency, freedom, discipline, punishment

Positivity Forever

Abstract — This paper explores the concept of smoothness as defined by Byung-Chul Han in Saving Beauty (2017). While Han’s writing is sometimes viewed as negative or depressive, I believe that Saving Beauty provides a definitive guide to living and experiencing a fulfilling life. Below I examine events that have occurred during and since the book’s publication, within the frame of the themes discussed in the book.

Keywords — smoothness, positivity, beauty, sublime, social media.

FIFA World Cup Analysis and Prediction

Abstract — An analysis of the FIFA World Cup dataset from 1930 to 2014, starting with an examination of proper data preparation techniques. This report includes a statistical and graphical study of the match attendance over the years, and correlations of note, if any. An analysis of the match performance of the teams participating in the FIFA World Cup games was also done, and used as a basis to predict qualifying teams, and the outcomes of FIFA 2018 match-ups. 

Hewlett-Packard Cyber Risk Report White Paper

Abstract — In the HP Cyber Risk Report, HP Enterprise Security provides a broad view of thevulnerability landscape, ranging from industry-wide data down to a focused look at differenttechnologies, including Web and mobile. The goal of this report is to provide the kind of actionable security that intelligence organizations need to understand the vulnerability landscape as well as best deploy their resources to minimize security risk.

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